Low loader

Low loaders are very handy machines that can be used for transporting different kind of transports. It is mostly used to transport cars, machines and heavy equipment. This is the reason why it is also known as a low loader car trailer. But it is much more than that! These types of trailers are designed to carry loads which are much heavier (and bigger) than average and transport it safely to the destination where it needs to be. The reason why low loader trailers are capable of doing this, is because it is not completely flat. This is why it is perfect to transport heavier loads. So, do you need to transport heavy loads? A low loader trailer is the perfect machine to carry out this task. Buy now one of the new or used low loader trailers that are for sale at BIG Machinery!

Used low loaders for sale

BIG Machinery has multiple new and used low loader trailers for sale. We mainly offer low loaders of the brand Ozgul, a company specialized in trailers and other types of machines that are designed to transport heavy loads. This ensures that you receive a trailer of excellent quality. We have new, but also used low loader trailers for sale in our product range. All of our machines are picked by our own team of experts.

Listing of the low loaders for sale

At every listing of the trailers that we offer you can find general, but also detailed information about the machines. We try to provide you every information that you need to ensure that you make the right purchase. In case you need any additional information, our employees are more than happy to help you out. Get in touch with us and you will be helped by one of our experts. If you cannot find the right trailer, we also suggest you get in touch with us. Together we can explore the possibilities and hopefully come to a solution that satisfies both parties. At BIG Machinery, our customers are more like partners: together we will make sure that your next project will be a successful one. We at BIG Machinery, are delighted to get a chance to help you achieve the goals.

Delivery of the low loader trailer

BIG Machinery is the leading distributor and supplier of heavy construction and equipment in Europe. This is partly because we have more than 30 years of experience in this field of work. Thanks due our experience, we have gained access to a huge international network and we have also been able to obtain the largest fleet in Europe. Well we understand that you can be asking yourself the following question: what does this mean for me? We will tell you exactly what’s in it for you! Because of this, we are able to deliver our machines all over the world in a timely manner. So, when you are planning to buy one of the low loaders that are for sale at BIG Machinery, it also means that we carry out the delivery for you.

Questions about buying a low loader trailer?

Are you already interested in buying one of the used low loader trailers at BIG Machinery? Do not wait any longer and order your trao;er! Or do you still have any concerns or questions regarding our machines? In that case, we strongly suggest you get in touch with us. You can get in touch with us by calling 0031 (0)418 674 545. Do you rather have contact per email? In that case, you can send us an email to info@bigmachinery.nl.

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BIG Machinery stocks heavy equipment, consisting of more than 500 machines. We have the largest fleet in Europe, and consequently, we can deliver the equipment you want anywhere in the world at very short notice.

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