The purpose of a dozer is to push large quantities of soil, sand, rubble or other materials during construction or demolition work. Dozers are primarily used at your own factory, farm, or for other construction purposes. The bulldozer models have been important to our industry ever since its first design in 1923. At BIG Machinery, we acknowledge the importance of dozers and how efficient these machines have been for the heavy-duty industry. That is why Big Machinery only offers premium dozers that are in excellent condition –

including a wide range of caterpillar machines and komatsu bulldozers that are available in different sizes and configurations.
Dozers for sale
The majority of dozers we have for sale are from one of the leading brands in the world – Caterpillar. They have been maintaining sustainable progress for over 90 years, and have been supporting their customers in developing infrastructures, and cultivating assets in both the acquirement of valuable energy and natural resources.

We offer our dozer machines at several different price points. You can find our offers on the website including all the specifications of our machines.
‘Why pick BIG Machinery for your next bulldozer?’
After browsing through our listings, you might question why you should choose BIG Machinery. Our company has managed to become the world’s first-class distributor in heavy construction and mining equipment and has been in the earthmoving-, demolition-, and mining industry for over 30 years. Our new and used bulldozers are chosen by a team of passionate experts that handle all of the machines with great care. We’re open to negotiations, and after you have made an offer, we will be the ones worrying about the logistics. This is all made possible due to our worldwide logistics network that is capable of delivering your next dozer anywhere and anytime.

Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information or if you have any questions about our offerings! Our team of professionals will advise and support you in finding a perfect bulldozer for your next big project!

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BIG Machinery is your recommended supplier for new and used machines for the earthmoving- , demolition- and mining industry.

BIG Machinery stocks heavy equipment, consisting of more than 500 machines. We have the largest fleet in Europe, and consequently, we can deliver the equipment you want anywhere in the world at very short notice.

The BIG headquarters is located in Velddriel, The Netherlands.


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