Wheel loaders
Your next project may get very chaotic and messy without a competent wheel loader – as you need it to clean up all the dirt. A loader machine can be used to move or load materials like snow, asphalt, and dirt onto, or into, another type of machinery such as a dump truck.

At BIG Machinery, we acknowledge the importance of an adequate loader and we appreciate their role within the industry. Next to their efficiency, it’s also possible to detach the front bucket of the loader and replace it with a variety of attachments/tools such as mount forks to lift heavy pallets and ship containers – or a clamshell bucket to dig in a vertical direction.
Our BIG Machinery loaders
We offer a variety of brands and models such as Volvo and Caterpillar loaders. Caterpillar is one of the leading companies and is often considered the most trusted brand in the industry. Consequently, BIG Machinery tends to always have a couple of the Caterpillar wheel loaders in stock. You will be able to find different sizes, configurations, and setups to take on your next BIG project.

Photos, detailed information, and specifications of the wheel loaders can be found at each of the machines’ listings.
Our contribution to your loaders
BIG Machinery will not only provide what you need, but we also have a team that is ready to assist and advise you in order to ensure you get the used loader that exactly matches your needs. Wheel loaders used loaders or skid steer loaders can often be found in our BIG inventory. Over the past years, we have been able to grow significantly, and managed to become the world’s first-class distributor in heavy construction and mining equipment. BIG Machinery has been a well-known company in the earthmoving-, demolition, and mining industry for the past 30 years.

No matter where you are located in the world, our large fleet allows us to deliver your loader in a timely manner! And, if you have any questions, we will be happy to answer your queries and provide you with the necessary information. Get in touch via info@bigmachinery.nl or give us a call on: 0031 (0)418 674 545

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BIG Machinery is your recommended supplier for new and used machines for the earthmoving- , demolition- and mining industry.

BIG Machinery stocks heavy equipment, consisting of more than 500 machines. We have the largest fleet in Europe, and consequently, we can deliver the equipment you want anywhere in the world at very short notice.

The BIG headquarters is located in Velddriel, The Netherlands.


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