New and used low loader-, bulk-, and semi loader trailers for sale
Find your new and used low loader trailers, bulk trailers, and semi-(low) trailers for sale at BIG Machinery. Our assortment offers new and used silo’s, tanks, semi-low loaders, container transporters, kippers, and regular low loaders. From these categories we also carry famous brands such as Ozgul, Alpsan, OZSAN, Scorpion, and Linhoff.

Take a look at our products and make a selection out of multiple trailers for your heavy-duty truck. If you are looking for something specific, please contact us through our contact form as soon as possible.

Looking for (pneumatic) bulk trailers?
Our new and used bulk trailers are ideal vehicles to haul huge amounts of grain, animal feed, seeds, sand, flour, sugar, or any other similar material. For bulk trailers – also known as kipper trailers – weight is important, which is why our selection of second-hand bulk trailers are constructed in light aluminium to strengthen the structure and handle heavy loads.

Perfect bulk trailers are capable of handling dry bulk goods and materials, large and small, which is why each pneumatic bulk trailer is vacuum-sealed to completely insulate the products inside from air and damp. Pneumatic bulk trailers come in different shapes and sizes:

Smaller sized cubes: 1,000 cubic feet to 1,1ft3.
Larger sized cubes: >1,000 cubic feet to 1,600ft3.

Semi-low loader trailers (used and new) for sale at BIG Machinery
Regular and semi-low loaders are also available for sale in our selection of transportation equipment. Low loaders and semi low loaders are suitable for transporting special machinery, heavy duty vehicles, and boats. Most low-loaders are equipped with hydraulic ramps to improve convenience and/or provide an extendable width and length.

For lighter types of loads, such as forklifts, semi low loaders are used to offer a solution to transporting under poor circumstances. If you are in demand of more information about our products, please contact us to receive the necessary information. We will help you make the right choice for your next haul.

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