Padfoot roller

For the people who are active in construction type of work we do not need to explain what these types of machines can mean for your company. For the people who do not know it, padfoot rollers are machines that can be used in all types of soil compaction operations. The machine compacts the ground surface, which enables it to create a solid base for different kinds of projects, such as building and paving. These types of machines are also commonly known as padfoot drum rollers, because they have a great resemblance to drum rollers. Padfoot rollers and drum rollers are the two types of smooth rollers, so they have great resemblance to each other. However, there are also a few differences between these types of machines. We will explain the difference further on this page! But we are allowed to say one thing in advance: at BIG Machinery we have it all when it comes to heavy construction machines and equipment! We have padfoot rollers for sale in our stock of the absolute best quality, such as Bomag and Dnyapac padfoot rollers.

Padfoot rollers for sale

As we have already stated above, there is a difference between a padfoot roller and a drum roller. A padfoot roller is able to generate such a manipulative force, that it can uniform compaction during the entire process. Padfoot rollers are effective on almost every soil type that you can think of, except for sandy soils. These types of machines are a lot faster in terms of speed when you compare it to other rollers. This allows you to save a tremendous amount of time and thus money! Fortunately for you, BIG Machinery has a broad range of padfoot rollers for sale of premium brands, such as Dnyapac and Bomag padfoot rollers. Normally we also have Caterpillar padfoot rollers in stock, but machines of these brand are the first to run out. So, you have to be quick!

Padfoot rollers: outstanding quality

At BIG Machinery, we only offer machines of the absolute best quality. We want to ensure that you receive the proper machine for the job, because we understand that it can be quite an investment that you have to make when you are buying these types of machines. Luckily, all of the machines that we offer are in good shape. Furthermore, every single machine in our stock is handpicked by our own team of experts. Our company has almost 30 years of experience when it comes to the subject of heavy construction machines and equipment, so we know exactly what to look for! We also gladly assist you in the buying process if you require that.

Delivery of the padfoot rollers

In case you have found the right padfoot roller in our stock, you are ready to complete the purchase. So easy? Yes, because BIG Machinery carries out the delivery for you! We have access to a logistics networks that reaches worldwide and we also have one of the largest fleets in Europe. This enables us to deliver our machines all over the world but must importantly, we can do it in a timely manner!

Questions about buying a padfoot roller?

In case you have any questions or concerns regarding the padfoot rollers that are for sale at BIG Machinery, we are always happy to help you out. You can get in touch with us by sending an email to Do you rather have contact per phone? If that is the case, you can get in touch with us by calling 0031 (0)418 674 545. You will always be helped by our own experts.

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