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Industrial alternator/generator sets for sale
BIG Machinery has been a leader in the supply of heavy-duty equipment in the mining, earthmoving, and demolition industry for quite some time. Which is why we also offer a wide range of industrial alternator generators and large generator sets for sale.

Most of our alternators and generators that we have for sale are stationary industrial engines that deliver voltages at high power requirements. In cases of enterprises and business, you would want a generator set that could deliver constant power at a high rate. Moreover, construction sites, farms, motor homes, and large vehicles/machines also require a high-power supply.

The prices and types of alternators and generator sets are shown below. If you have any questions about a product’s description and/or specification. Please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form.

Difference alternator generator and generator set
Both machines generate power. And, generally speaking, an alternator is a type of generator. Alternators are mostly used as charging systems for moving vehicles and cars in order to turn mechanical energy into electrical energy and generator sets for the production of power on a large scale. The main differences in the two types of generators is the manner in which they generate and use power:


An alternator produces power when its magnetic field spins inside the windings of wire.
A generator produces power when the windings of the wire spin inside a fixed magnetic field.
An alternator conserves energy by only using the necessary amount, a generator set uses all energy that is available.

Doosan and Caterpillar alternators and generator sets for sale
Whether you are looking for a new or used Doosan alternator generator or a Caterpillar generator set for sale. We have got it all at BIG Machinery.

We carry the best second-hand equipment in the industry and are confident that we have a solution for any project or application. Looking for a different model/make which isn’t available in our assortment of alternators and generator sets for sale? Contact us so we can help you find the generator set you are looking for.

In addition, we are also open to offer you any advice or to answer any of your questions. Contact us right away and request a non-committal quote for your preferred generator set!

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