Dredgers and new and used dredge(r) equipment for sale
Removing part of the material of a specific water side and relocating it to another area is what is usually understood as dredging. This process is usually carried out by a dredger or excavator, with the objective to recover matter or establish greater depths. There are many types of dredgers differentiating from suction dredgers to mechanical dredgers – each with a different purpose.

Each dredger is a special floating plant that uses specialized dredger equipment. Here at BIG Machinery we offer plenty of new and used dredger equipment for sale in addition to actual dredgers. Below you will find our assortment of dredger equipment, accessories, and dredging machinery.
Our new and used dredger equipment
BIG Machinery is proud to present new and used dredge equipment for sale. There are many different types of dredger equipment. The main dredging equipment includes:

Buckets: bucket that can dredge to great depths accurately.
Grabs: two-half shells operated by (electro)-hydraulics or wires for ad hoc tasks.
Backhoes: half open shell for harbours and shallow waters.
Cutter suctions: cutter head to loosen materials.
Trailing suction hoppers: self-propelled ship on a track for open waters.
Dredger pumps: medium-pressure and low-pressure pumps for extracting materials out of the water.

Each of our new and used dredgers and dredge equipment is equipped with a detailed description of the specifications of each machine and accessory. If you are in need of a specific type of dredger or dredging equipment, we will be happy to find the tool you need. Additionally, if there is any important data missing, you can contact us right away to obtain the required information.
Buy a dredger or dredge equipment at BIG Machinery
Our team of professionals is highly specialized in the art of dredging. As we are based in the Netherlands, the country famous for its dredging operations, we are confident that we are able to help you with any questions, inquiries, or problems you may have. We can also ensure that each of our dredgers, and our dredging equipment, is kept in excellent working condition. In need of a non-committal quote? Simply select the piece of dredging equipment and get in touch with us. Additional questions or in need of support? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to provide you with all the information you need in order to ensure a successful dredging operation.

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