Excavator bucket attachments
Our attachments are handled by a team of experts to ensure first-class quality that can take care of any type of heavy-duty project. Does your next job involve heavy digging? Then you’re probably in need of a high capacity backhoe bucket. Or, is your next assignment comprised of the pushing and piling of snow, silage, and/or dirt? We got you covered with a couple of class-leading Caterpillar dozer blades. Also for agricultural jobs, we’ve got the right attachments, such as grader rippers, single shank rippers, but also multi shank rippers. Here at BIG Machinery we offer a wide range of heavy-duty attachments and are confident that we will be able to help in your search for your next excavator bucket!
Buckets, hammers, rippers; we’ve got them all!
In addition to new and used excavator buckets, we also offer a multitude of other attachments for backhoes, dozers, loaders, and other heavy-duty machinery such as:
• Digging buckets for agricultural and earth-moving processes.
• Grapplers for some heavy lifting and piling action!
• Couplers with integrated safety features.
• Rippers that can breach through any dense surface and/or substance.
• Crushers/pulveriser suitable for heavy mining, concrete, sand, and gravel.
• Long reach extensions/extendible sticks/booms.
• Different types of blades with high versatility; perfect for pushing, piling, cutting, and scraping.
• Counterweights compatible with most existing machinery.
• New, hydraulic breakers/hammers.
These attachments are available in different makes and models; ranging from Hitachi to Hyundai and Volvo to Caterpillar loader buckets. However, we currently largely stock Caterpillar attachments due to their high demand and condition standards. But, we regularly add other makes into our rotation.
Why purchase your attachments at BIG Machinery?
For almost 30 years, BIG Machinery has proven to be the world’s prominent supplier in construction, earthmoving, demolition, and mining equipment. With a team full of passionate professionals, we have been able to stay ahead of the industry and provide value and quality throughout the years.
If you are in a bit of a time crunch and in need of a new bucket loader or dozer ripper, our large fleet is there to save you from your deadline. We have the capability to deliver your new and used attachments when- and wherever you want.

Take your time to browse through our collection of attachments. And, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information! You can reach us by phone via +31 (0)418 674 545 or by e-mail:

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BIG Machinery is your recommended supplier for new and used machines for the earthmoving- , demolition- and mining industry.

BIG Machinery stocks heavy equipment, consisting of more than 500 machines. We have the largest fleet in Europe, and consequently, we can deliver the equipment you want anywhere in the world at very short notice.

The BIG headquarters is located in Velddriel, The Netherlands.


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